Just a reminder


Life has thrown loads at me recently. I am ready to look after myself for real this time.

If anyone is reading this, I hope you’re well and I’m sending good thoughts.

Till next time,

Melissa x


after some permanent changes

…in my life, I need somewhere to write as a place of free speech and ‘thinking out loud’.

I’d rather my writing not become a form self pity, and so I am going to try and fill this space with happy, motivational thoughts, photographs and updates on my life as time passes. Time goes so fast and the days are flashing in a blink of an eye lately, keeping some significant time to reflect on myself and the world around me couldn’t be more crucial for me.

I’m open for conversation in comments on my posts, and encourage people to share their thoughts too – why not share this positive space with others.

About a week ago, when life was very tough, I wrote a list of things to be happy about and I think I should make this a weekly ritual to keep myself focused on the good things, even if they’re only little.

My younger sister used to keep a ‘happy book’, where at the end of each day before she went to sleep, she would write 3 things from her day that made her happy. Perhaps I should take inspiration from my dear sister and try this instead? It’s so important to go to sleep on a positive note, I’ve always believed in not going to sleep in an argument with someone. It causes me to be restless, and sometimes even have nightmares. If I’m recording happy moments from each day, then what better way to focus on the good.

On top of what I have already said, I’m really hoping to use this space to look after myself better, physically and mentally. I don’t think I can expect myself to be strong if I’m not putting the right actions in place. I’m not looking to join a gym at the moment, because of the expense, but I may try to start wearing my FitBit more often, if not every day – to encourage myself to walk more mainly.

After a few recommendations, I have also downloaded an iOS app which helps with tracking water intake. It’s called ‘Waterlogged’ – I haven’t got any thoughts on it yet as it’s still a recent download, but I will keep you posted on how I am getting on with it and drinking more water.

For now, thanks for reading and take care.

Melissa x